What's New

目前接洛威尔高中有关回迁的确认, 由于目前主楼的装修工程还在继续, 所以我们回迁的时间定于2015 年第十八周, 也就是01/10 和01/11日, 因此2015年开学的第十七周(01/3 & 01/04), 我们仍然回到平房区继续上课。

Currently we received Lowell high school’s confirmation on our relocation to the main building classrooms. Due to the construction project, our relocation time will be in the 18th week, 1/10/2015 and 1/11/2015. We will continue to have class in the Bungalow area on 1/3/2015 and 1/4/2015.