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今年冬季时间从十一月二日零时起转换, 华大将跟随冬季时间在上午八点半钟上课, 请家长让学生按时到校上课.
Daylight Saving Time returns to Standard Time on 11/02/2014 this year. Hence, Huada will start class at 8: 30 am that day. Please help students go to school on time.

Currently, a majority of our classes are not full yet; we welcome those who still have not enrolled to come enroll!

Our new school year has started. This year, because Lowell high school is under Earthquake reinforcement construction, we are using their Bungalow classes. We will return to the main building next year. Since we are in a new environment, we would like you to note the following:

第一:学校在Eucalyptus 街的大门下星期将不开,届时我们会开一个小门在Eucalyptus街的大门旁边,请留意我们在大门旁边的指示。
1. The school gate at Eucalyptus Street will NOT be open starting next week. We will open a small gate next to the big gate for parents and students to walk down to the classrooms. Please note our direction next to the big gate.

第二:开车的家长,请根据下面的地图,在Winston街的入口进入洛威尔高中的停车场,可以停车,也可以在大门前面放下孩子,然后从Lake Merced 的出口离开。请不要使用课室范围的停车场,那是教师停车场。
2. If you are driving, please follow the direction on the attached map below: enter the Lowell high school parking lot through the Winston Street entrance. You may either park there or drop off your children, and then exit to Lake Merced Street (right turn only). Please do NOT use the parking lot in front of the T classroom area. It is for faculty parking only.

Click here for map